Frontiers of Selection Principles
Celebrating the 60th birthday of Marion Scheepers
20 August - 1 September 2017, Warsaw, Poland
The conference Frontiers of Selection Principles, celebrating the 60th birthday of Marion Scheepers. This festive conference will take place at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University, Bielanski forest, Warsaw, 20 August - 1 September, 2017:
Photo: Mariusz Mazewski

(Immediately after the Logic Colloquium and before the Będlewo meeting on set theoretic topology and analysis.)

Selection principles connect topology, set theory, and functional analysis and make it possible to transport and apply methods from each of these fields to the other ones. It is now one of the most active streams of research within set theory and general topology. This conference will be fully dedicated to selection principles and their applications. It will begin with a one week tutorial, aimed mainly at students and researchers with no prior knowledge of selection principles. This tutorial will provide an overview of the filed, and a detailed introduction to its main methods. Participants with no prior knowledge attending the tutorial will thus fully benefit from the lectures of the second week, and will be able to consider possible directions for research in the field.

The second conference week will consist of invited lectures, by leading experts, on results in the frontiers of selection principles. We recommend that students and participants with expertise in other disciplines attend both weeks of the conference.

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